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Do you know someone that would be a good addition to the Reddaiah Services team? Through the Reddaiah Services Employee Referral Program, employees can earn up to $1,000 for each successful placement.Here is how it works:First, complete the referral form and e-mail it to your current sales representative or recruiter. If you don’t currently work with an Reddaiah Services sales representative or recruiter, or you have forgotten their contact information, send the referral form to

Employees who submit a referral for a successful placement will receive $500.00 after the employee referred completes their first three consecutive months on the job. After the completion of six consecutive months, the remaining $500.00 will be paid to the employee. If the referral candidate is placed as a full-time, permanent placement employee instead of hired by Reddaiah Services for a consulting position, the bonus will be paid in a $1,000 lump sum after completing 90 days of employment.

The Reddaiah Services Employee Referral Program is a great way to continue to expand the Reddaiah Services team with the quality people we’re known for, while YOU earn extra cash!

Do you ever encounter a project or opportunity that you think Reddaiah Services experience and involvement would improve upon? Got Questions? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or  Fax # 585 206 3300 Phone # 585 465 5680

For Open Positions please refer to the career section of our website: